Product Names

Names that seem obvious in retrospect are often the most powerful. So it is with payWave. When Visa came to us to name its new technology that lets buyers wave their credit card instead of swipe it, the client’s instinct was to give it a more technical name.

But because the payment industry is among the most competitive, it was crucial that the name help give the product an edge. We thought a more descriptive name would help ensure the technology’s acceptance in the marketplace; Visa took our recommended approach. The short and evocative name we created, payWave, helped cement Visa’s leadership role in the industry. The product continues to be used widely around the world.

In the past decade, pharmacists have taken on a more prominent role in patient care. As a result, it has become even more important for them to improve their internal systems. This is especially true for independent pharmacies, which still dominate the market. McKesson, a leader in pharmaceutical distribution in North America, created an innovative software solution that helps control the entire prescription process. But they didn’t have a name for it.

We decided the best approach was to create something that was simple and approachable, especially for those pharmacists who still spend more time talking to patients than staring at a screen. Pharmacy Navigator hit all the right notes. It sounds smart and strategic, but not cold or technical, and the word “navigator” empowers pharmacists to take an active part in charting a healthy future for their patients.

When this iconic food brand wanted to move outside the U.S. market, the team knew the name Pilgrim’s Pride wouldn’t resonate with its new consumers. As a market-driven company who knows the value of a good name, the company came to us to help find one that would work around the world.

The name we created, Savoro, seems like a real word but actually isn’t. It feels good to say, has a built-in appetite appeal, and has helped the company establish a trusted value brand outside the U.S.  

This brand-new biotech company came to us with a challenge: name its revolutionary anti-scarring bandage in a way that doesn’t raise the specter of scarring.

The name Embrace delivers. It’s soft, comforting and perfectly communicates the benefits of the product for those undergoing surgery or suffering from injuries, as well as for the doctors who are using it. And because this was the company’s first product, we felt especially proud to help them enter the market successfully.

Originally approved in the U.S. to treat vocal cord insufficiency, this dermal filler was used in Europe to plump up wrinkles and shave years off a face. Bioform came to us for a name that would help the company break into the highly sought-after cosmetic dermatology market in the U.S.

We knew women would be the target audience, and because there is a “wish fulfillment” aspect to the product, we decided a more ethereal name was the right approach. Radiesse is a feminized play on the aspirational word “radiant.” The name has been an unqualified success: Radiesse is one of the most commercially successful dermal fillers ever created.